Juniata River Blueprint Communities - Mount Union Borough, Mapleton Borough, and Shirley Township, PA
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About Us

The Juniata River Blueprint Communities (JRBC) was formed in 2014 as one of only six participants in the Blueprint Communities program within the Commonwealth. The initial “Core Team” of the group was tasked with committing themselves to trainings, focus groups, etc. that would aid in the education and experience required to create a comprehensive 5-year plan for the communities of Mapleton, Shirley Township, and Mount Union. The group excelled in those trainings and tasks and were able to compile a thorough strategic plan that was organized into the following seven themes: Business and Economy, Housing and Neighborhoods, Image and Identity, Quality of Life, Workforce and Education, Infrastructure, and Social and Political.

Today the group consists of a mixture of original and new members who all share the common interest of continuing the work by driving the identified goals and plans forward to improve the quality of life and support the growth of the communities of Mapleton, Mount Union, and Shirley Township.